Hello!  My name is Karla, and I am a perfectionist.

So much so, that I have a tendency to get very little done – really just barely enough to get by.  This includes my web presence.  For so long, I have wanted to start a personal blog, a cooking/food blog, a craft blog, an activism blog, and none of them ever happened because I took on too much and expected too much from myself, and even when I did get something started, my perfectionist tendencies kicked in and I fizzled out before I got anywhere.

This all ends today.

With the exception of *possibly* a joint food blog with my fiance Ian, it’s all going here.  I am going to start out with a nice, plain, pre-made theme for now, and focus on content.  Content is king.

Topics you might find here in the future include: cooking and baking, crafts of all types, my pets, my sweetie Ian, music, geocaching, the Society for Creative Anachronism, pop culture, geek culture, paganism, size acceptance and activism, World of Warcraft, feminism, gender and sexuality activism, health, wedding planning, and anything else that enters into my overly-active brain.

So, welcome!


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