A new blog! …. entry, damnit!

‘Scuse me while I rant for a moment.

I just read a forum post written by someone who is WAY up there in development at one of the biggest game companies out there, and within the first half of a sentence, I was ready to hit something.

He began “Back in June, I wrote a blog blah blah blah…”. This made me want to rip my eyeballs out.

You do not “write a blog”, you “write a blog POST”. You create a blog or keep a blog, because the blog is the whole of the thing. Blog is short for “web log”. A blog is made up of multiple entries. So you write a blog post, or a blog entry, but if you’re using the verb write, you’re writing FOR a blog.

To use an analogy – if you’re familiar with Livejournal, think about it this way. You wouldn’t say “I wrote a Livejournal”, you would say “I wrote a LJ entry”.

Similarly, you record a vlog ENTRY, you don’t record a vlog.

Seriously, is the English language really that hard???

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