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performance time!

Tomorrow is the day I’ve been practicing for the past 6 months or so for! Tir Righ Arts & Sciences/Bardic Championships is happening out in the Shire of Lionsdale, and I’m doing a single entry in bardic. Single entry means I’m not entering the actual championship part of things, but doing a single performance for the experience, practice and feedback.

The piece I’m doing is called Frog Galliard, and was composed by John Dowland. If you like, you can read my documentation here. I got the music from Lady Isolde de Lengadoc‘s weblog. Big thanks go to my friend Mellissa for proofreading my documentation and making some great suggestions for changes.

I also have Isolde’s “Beer is for Girls” piece practiced up for performance later in the day, if I get the chance. :)

The 100 blue and white beads are ready for site tokens (that reminds me… need to take a picture tonight!) and my new bright red apron dress is all ready for me to wear. Tonight I just need to string my own second strand of beads and pack the car, and I’m all ready for the weekend.

Wish me luck! It’s been ages since I’ve performed in front of a big group of people, and the harp is a brand new instrument for me. But I’m sure I’ll do fine – I grew up playing in front of people.

tooting my own horn

While I AM an advocate of Health at Every Size, and size/body acceptance, I don’t want this blog to turn into nothing but ranting.  So when everything I’ve thought to blog about recently was on that topic, I’ve been restraining myself.

But this sort of thing is why my attempts at blogging (which number in the dozens over the years) always seem to fizzle and die.

Anyhow!  On to something more positive:  fall has definitely hit Vancouver!  I’m one of those people who finds it far easier to warm up than to cool off, so I rejoice when the fall arrives each year.  It’s time for turtlenecks, scarves, hot tea, and not feeling like I’m roasting to death.

For anyone who has kids, you’ll also know that it means school starts again.  While I’m not in school right now, this is exciting for me anyways, because it means the start of the new band season!  I was a band geek all the way through junior high and high school, and have been missing that ever since I graduated from grade 12.  Finally this year, I got my act together enough to join a community concert band.  Last week was my first practice, and I had a blast.  Second practice is tonight and I am SO STOKED.

Ahem.  Apparently band geeks never die… at least not in my case.